From Coffee to matcha and scrubs to storage - we tackle the most common questions..

How will my skin benefit from the scrubs?


Robusta coffee granules have a high caffeine content and act as a natural vasoconstrictor, antioxidant, and diuretic. Simply put, targeted to the right areas, this scrub aids in the temporary removal of cellulite, varicose veins, and will invariably lead to tighter, smoother skin. Combined with essential oils and a hint of cinnamon for that luxe scent, you will be left oozing confidence in energized and nourished skin.


The Matcha green tea leaf is packed with antioxidants and acts as a natural anti-inflammatory for your skin. Natural essential oils have been carefully added to the Matcha to create a blend of ingredients specially designed to restore moisture and rejuvenate the glow in dry and damaged skin. A combination of fine and raw sugar allows for exfoliation and removal of dead skin cells. When added to the essential oils, Matcha and coconut and vanilla essences, this scrub will leave your skin with a radiant, elegant and moisturized glow.

What is the best way to use the scrub for optimum results?

We advise using the scrub on a weekly basis to maintain silky, radiant skin. However, if you feel you need to kick start this skin transformation use every two days. Remember to massage in and leave on the skin for 2-5 mins for optimum results. Rinse with warm water.

Should I use before or after shaving?

Use before you shave, exfoliating the dead cells before will allow for a closer shave and smoother skin post shave.

Are the scrubs eco-friendly and all natural?

All our ingredients are eco-friendly and not tested on animals. Our ingredients are all natural but a preservative is added to allow for longer lasting life for the natural ingredients inside.

Where are Kahve scrubs made?

We develop all our scrubs from locally sourced, all natural ingredients in South Africa. Our manufacturer has been involved in cosmetics for decades and they have an incredible track record.

How long does it last?

Kahve scrubs have a shelf life of 18 months unopened. Once opened, we suggest use within 4 months and keep the ziplock bag sealed.

Where should I store Kahve?

Each scrub comes with a resealable, waterproof zip lock pouch. Store in a cool place, bathrooms are 100% fine, but try to keep out of bright and warm sunlight to extend the life of the scrub.

Can I use if I am pregnant?

Because our scrubs do contain caffeine, it is advised to avoid using when pregnant. Studies have shown that using a caffeine, coffee based scrub on pregnant bellies may be mildly risky, so in that case rather be cautious. We are working on a caffeine free scrub for exactly that reason.

How long does shipping take?

Kahve delivers worldwide. Delivery takes 2-3 working days from fulfillment date for both international deliveries and local SA deliveries.

Where can I see your returns and privacy policies?

On our checkout page, all our policies can be found on the bottom left of the page.  For any information you may need, please enquire at info@kahveskin.com.

Does Kahve do collaborations?

We would love as much feedback and involvement as possible, this is why we are happy to engage in collaborations with selected people and companies. Please contact us directly on info@kahveskin.com for any questions and inquiries.